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Hayes End Community Centre


(opposite Bishops Road)






5:15 pm - 6:15 pm (Age 5 to 10)

6:15 pm - 7:15 pm (Age 11+)

Paul R

"I have had both my children attend PremierKi for 15 years and counting. Both have significantly benefited from the structured learning of Taekwondo and the caring and expertise shown by both Gemma and Elias.
The lessons are all extremely well run and it has been amazing to watch both children grow from novice white belts to accomplished black belts.
If you think martial arts might be something you or your children could be interested in don't hesitate joining this wonderful club"

Parvez K

"Amazing club with instructors of the highest standards. My two children have been attending classes since last September and have never had more fun doing taekwondo. High quality lessons teaching them not only taekwondo, but important life skills like resilience and respect. Highly recommend this club for those wanting to do taekwondo"

Atharva S

"This club has not just helped me with the taekwondo, but with life skills (like patience and courtesy) as well. The masters are compassionate and always try to push you, and the community is always there to support you too."
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